July 7 Meeting Notes

First order of business was “concept clarification:” making a list of desired museum features:

1. gallery and exhibition space
2. storage space for the permanent collection
3. administrative offices
4. workshop/prep area
5. artist residencies/studios
6. classrooms
7. conference rooms
8. cafe
9. gift shop
10. post office boxes
11. research library with workstations

What top 3-5 features would you like to see in such a museum? Please send us a comment.

Mike Sullivan from City of Eugene Planning addresses the group. L-R: Robert Long, Mike Sullivan, Robert Tomlinson, Eliza Murphy, Miriam Jordan, Joseph Newton (Dennis Galloway in mirror)

We discussed a strategy for implementation:

Robert Tomlinson will look into what is required to set up an escrow account for fund raising. Dennis Galloway and Jerry Ross will come up with a list of fundraising ideas.

Robert Long will contact UO Sustainable Cities and Historic Preservation Programs to see if professors can include our project in fall class materials/projects.

Robert Tomlinson will contact the real estate agent for the post office and see if we can get a “no cost option” for purchase.

Charly has made contact with  a woman interested in helping us develop a political strategy.

Scott Landfield of Tsunami Books might be helpful because of his work on Save Civic Stadium. It was mentioned that in that case, state legislators were helpful moderating and facilitating public consensus.

It was agreed that our first fund raising effort will be for $5K to $50K to hire an architecture firm or developer to do a preliminary estimate of the remodel cost.

Robert Long reported that Jill Hartz, Schnitzer Museum Director, has a charter that would prevent loaning artwork to another museum not having stringent climate control.

It was agreed that Robert Long would be on the lookout for including our proposal in any NEA consortium grants with UO partners.

Eliza Murphy reported on grant possibilities.  There are many small grants available, but the federal Save America’s Treasures grant is more sizable and requires matching monies.

Jerry will contact the Confederated Tribes cultural director by phone and also labor unions for support/participation.

All of us will think about Eugene Celebration and possibility of a table, booth, and float.

Mike Sullivan, CE Planning, will investigate bond measure procedures.

Jerry will contact Stephan Livingstone for his photos taken during the June 11 tour of the post office facilities.

About roberthilllong

I publish photography, poetry, prose poetry, and flash fiction as Robert Hill Long. I work at the University of Oregon, and can be contacted here: rohilong [at] uoregon [dot] edu.
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