7/28 meeting notes

Greg Herbert,  Northland Real Estate agent, attended the meeting and suggested that we write a letter to the US Postal Service proposing to purchase the downtown post office building.  He thought that they would prefer to work with a non-profit organization such as Oregon Crafted ( as 501c3 umbrella for POEM) rather than a municipality.  It would be good to have City of Eugene and perhaps Lane Country involved, however. A letter of interest with a proposal will start a natural process within the Federal Government exploring how the sale can be made and under what financial terms. We can send the letter via Greg Herbert.

Realtor Greg Herbert explains the general terms of the USPS sale

A discussion regarding mission and vision took place. Karl Morgenstern, Chair of the Resource Conservation & Development Council, State of Oregon (and EWEB Drinking Water Source Protection Coordinator) was present to help clarify the meaning of “Pacific Rim.”  He pointed out that Pacific Rim Councils exist in Washington, Oregon, California, Alaska, and Hawaii.  These councils mostly exist to make sure that natural resources are sustainable throughout the Pacific Rim area.  The upcoming Pacific Rim Conference in Homer, Alaska ( Sept 7-10th) might be an oppportunity for the Eugene Museum concept to be presented as an example of a sustainable, resource-conserving project.

Karl Morgenstern of EWEB explains the Oregon and Pacific Rim Resource Conservation Development (RCD) councils, and how POEM might fit into their interests.

This renewed a discussion about the scope of the Museum.  It was decided to tweak the mission statement to refer to a “Eugene Museum” as the core concept and then to list Pacific Northwest, Pacific Rim,  Indigenous Peoples in the widening circle of our permanent collection and interest. Robert Long is working with Liz Wolfe on rewording the mission statement/reformatting the flyer.

Charly Swing (Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art) spoke in favor of an expanded concept that might be more sustainable and a bigger draw.  She also suggested a pan-American theme. However the discussion came back to a Pacific Northwest Arts core to begin with.  Robert Long’s rewording of the mission captured everyone’s concerns and left the future direction wide open to expansion.

We talked about minor changes to the flyer for the Eugene Celebration Community Causeway booth and chatted a bit about float possibilities.  Dennis is working to get printing donated.  The Eugene City Club will host POEM at a meeting in late September.

Jerry Ross, painter/POEM visionary/secretary

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I publish photography, poetry, prose poetry, and flash fiction as Robert Hill Long. I work at the University of Oregon, and can be contacted here: rohilong [at] uoregon [dot] edu.
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