August 18 meeting notes

Meeting Notes For August 18th Meeting, Vero’s

The meeting took place in two phases: Those showing up at 11:45 am and those coming at 12:45 pm.  This was caused by several emails with differing start times.

11:45 am:  Miriam reported that Pat Skipper, City Club, is planning for a POEM City Club session for October or November. Pat wanted to attend today’s POEM meeting but had a conflict. She may be able to attend the next meeting (Sept. 1st 11:45 am at Vero’s).

Miriam agreed to step in and coordinate POEM meetings and keep the Committee functioning now that Robert Tomlinson can no longer do so.  She will coordinate closely with Robert Long.  She will also develop a booth staffing schedule for the Eugene Celebration.  Joseph Newton suggested we all try to locate a “pop-up” booth since there is an awning requirement (you cannot just have a table).  Horst (a new member) has some experience with Eugene Celebration booths and may be able to help out.

Jerry reported that he has appointments set up with various persons from the Confederated Tribes of Oregon.  Because of Pow-wows and summer camps, meetings cannot take place until September. His contact is: Jesse Beers,Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua, and Siuslaw Indians,Culture Department, Acting Cultural Director,Phone: (541) 297-0748E-mail:  Jerry has sent the brochure (rough draft) and said Beers commented ” it sounds like an exciting project.”

12:45 pm:  Robert Tomlinson reported on his meeting with Charly Swing and Larry Fong from JSMA.  Robert was persuaded by arguments regarding the high cost of a collections-based Museum.  He stated that exhibitions are less costly.  Charly recommended a warehouse to store a collection and stated that works had to be rotated to protect them. Jerry argued that museums in Europe, like the Louvre, had priceless masterpieces on continuous display and seemed less concerned with damage as opposed to allowing public access to them.  He continued to advocate for a museum of “living artists” making references to the French Salon. This would eliminate the concern about where a collection would come from but, of course, would require a curator or jury process. Meanwhile James Becker, curator of US Bank, recently stated that there process was not complete and they could not yet make a decision regarding the three pieces they might gift or loan us (works by Nelson Sandgren, David McCosh, and Mark Clarke ).

Robert Tomlinson re-confirmed that Oregon Arts Alliance will provide POEM with 5013C coverage and the Escrow account.  Robert Long will acquire an address (U of O Post Box) for the brochure and its insert. He will coordinate with Dennis and Liz Wolfe on final design of brochure and banner. We all prefer vinyl over silk cloth.

NOTE from RL 8/20: the new address is listed on the “About” and “Contact Us” pages; the vinyl banner will cost $35.

Regarding the HUD “Sustainable Housing and Communities” grants, we all agreed to find out from Otto when his daughter Shelley Poticha (who heads that program) will be in Eugene (October?) so we can meet with her.

Robert Long will work on getting a list of Oregon foundations to which we might apply for grants.

Jerry has written the Bowerman Family Foundation to see if they are interested in supporting us.  Miriam has written a piece for her blog asking for support.

Next meeting: Sept 1st for Eugene Celebration re-cap.  Vero’s at 11:45 am.

About roberthilllong

I publish photography, poetry, prose poetry, and flash fiction as Robert Hill Long. I work at the University of Oregon, and can be contacted here: rohilong [at] uoregon [dot] edu.
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