Meeting Notes 9/1/10

In Attendance:

Dennis Hebert-Save Civic Stadium Campaign

Miriam Alexis Jordan
Robert Long
Dana Magliari
Barbara  Perrin
Angela Ross

Dennis Hebert talked about how saving Civic Stadium came about and the efforts required to make progress.

Robert Long reported that contact was made with Douglas Beauchamp, Executive Director for the Lane Arts Council (LAC) about creating an arts and culture trust for the Eugene/Springfield area.  The objectives of this group may relate to the Lane Arts Council – focus on initiatives that involve historical preservations.  This group is creating a proposal to be used in submitting proposals to the OAC, NEH, etc.  Robert maintains a funding calendar UO Digital Scholars and plans to forward opportunities to this group, paying attention to deadlines. Help identify other people who ought to be part of that. Lane arts Council is a re-granting organization that receives funds from the State level (Oregon Arts Commission, Oregon Cultural Trust) for redistribution to local arts organizations (Lane County Culture Coalition also re-grants to local arts organizations from the Cultural Trust).  The LAC has a competition for funds each year.  The POEM group may compete for funding to also form this arts and culture trust.  Other grants to consider include the Cultural Tourism Grant.  Grants like that would fund for a massive campaign.  The POEM group would need to develop a way for 10,000 POEM friends to invest in this project, continue its community outreach, and implement a membership/sponsorship system.  Under consideration is the concept of selling shares of stock at $1000 each, to be saved in an interest-bearing escrow account, for the purchase and renovation of the building.

Additional Updates
The group reconfirmed the focus of the project and provided the following input.

  • Focus on the fine arts created by Pacific Northwest artists (past and present), contemporary and traditional.  However, there is excitement with exhibiting current, modern, outrageous in-your-face art by Native Americans who make modern art now, artists from the Pacific Rim, with room to expand when appropriate.  Angela Ross reported that when she first thought of Pacific Rim – it would seem to open up more possibilities for fundraising, and suggested reviewing other communities, governments of various countries, cities, and states’ fundraising efforts.
  • Extensive renovation is needed to upgrade the HVAC system, security, and accessibility. Research is needed to determine exact needs.
  • Consider federal agencies and foundations at the national level.  Dana Magliari expressed concern that there is already limited money available and if people are going to be interested.  He suggested the group get concentric (i.e., Cascadia). The Paul Allen Foundation is an example of strong support in the arts and culture component. The Oregon Community Foundation is a collection of all the small family foundations.  Angela has written grants and confirmed the expectation that you have to show there is community support for this project.  She suggested having individuals pledge support, before pursuing grants.  But first, you have to show community desire.
  • Consider the goal to being a 501c(3) entity.
  • Develop opportunity for donor sponsorships (i.e., name on each of the mailboxes, should they remain as an ornamental feature; purchase tile, shelves, and other naming spaces).
  • Present to faculty in the UO Arts & Administration Program, Architecture, Sustainable Cities Initiatives, and Public Policy & Planning Management program to consider the 36,000 s.f. building as a possible project for students.
  • Jerry Ross has written a Letter of Intent to the Post Office.  Miriam requested a copy of this document.
  • Consider an advisory board.


  • Draw a map of downtown businesses to make contact about the U.S. Post Office.
  • Meet with downtown business owners about the shareholder concept of owning and caring for the U.S Post Office building.
  • Meet with local arts and culture organizations about their challenges. Robert Tomlinson, executive director of the Oregon Arts Alliance (formerly Oregon Crafted) has talked about the direction of his organization, working with his board to consider ways to branch out and dove-tail with other arts organizations on specific projects.
  • Read the City of Eugene Cultural Policy Review Report of June 2007, that was approved by City Council (become familiar with the goals and strategies that may relate to POEM).
  • Research examples of converted municipal and public buildings. (i.e., the Coos Bay Post Office; the Arts Base in Reno, Nevada, an old riverside building was converted into artists’ studios).
  • Research funding models.
  • Research examples of sustainable cities.  Look for juicy comparables of how arts and culture contributed to the economic vitality of a community. (Robert has stats for Oregon)
  • Develop an Abstract.
  • Develop a proposal to build and sustain an arts museum that would include examples of how the arts benefit the economy.

About roberthilllong

I publish photography, poetry, prose poetry, and flash fiction as Robert Hill Long. I work at the University of Oregon, and can be contacted here: rohilong [at] uoregon [dot] edu.
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2 Responses to Meeting Notes 9/1/10

  1. malexisjordan says:

    These are good meeting notes of the September 27 meeting (not Sept. 1). There are points that we would need to address at our next meeting on Wednesday, October 27, at 11:30 a.m. Miriam

  2. Jerry Ross says:

    Posted on October 31, 2014 by pittore44

    Meeting today with Alex Notman to talk about PO. DIVA has been “mothballed” : the storefront on Broadway has been shuttered and office supplies sold off.

    Here is link to Weekly article on Post Office for background:

    – Jerry Ross

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