Meeting Notes from 9/22/10

POEM Group Meeting Notes, September 22, 2010
Marché Museum Café

In Attendance:  Miriam Alexis Jordan, Robert Long, Jerry Ross, Dana Magliari, Barbara Perrin.  Guests:  Douglas Beauchamp.

The August 18 meeting minutes were approved. Strategies were presented for continued discussion.

  • Apply and receive a great that would allow this group to conduct a feasibility study.  A feasibility study is needed to determine the integrity of the site.
  • Research on who else is doing things with older buildings?  How does managing a cultural industry help the local economy? Why does art and culture matter?
  • Talk to property owners around the perimeter of the Post Office (on 520 Willamette Street). Talk about feasibility study with local businesses.
    • Ken Guzowski
    • Conner/Wooley
    • Brian Obie
    • Roscoe Devine (Mid Town)
    • Tom Bowerman
    • Smith Family Bookstore
    • Talk to other stakeholders –David Morris (Carl’s son)
  • Identify eight to ten capital projects that are in the works:
  • EWEB
  • 5th Street Market
  • Down to Earth center
  • Downtown
  • Shelton McMurphy House
  • Pursue grants from OCF, Meyer Memorial Trust
  • Pursue Community sustainability grants.  Is POEM eligible?  (Mike Sullivan – LCOG).  Sustainable Communities, NEA.
  • Get signatures of support.  Have people agree to have the names listed on a letter of support.
  • Expand preservation – expand on the commercial historical district – increase the footprint.  Tie in other buildings to be included in the Commercial Historical District.
  • Research other renovation programs including Denver, CO and Coos Bay, OR.
  • Research on creating a Cultural Heritage Trust.

After some discussion, it was determined that receiving endorsements from neighboring property owners about POEM’s proposed project would add credibility to the concept of expanding a commercial historical district, and the importance of preserving the building and its art as a public/community space. The POEM group was asked to read, edit and update the Letter of Interest that was updated by Miriam Jordan.

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