This Week’s Activities for POEM

  1. On the invitation of James Florendo, Native American Programs Coordinator, Lane Community College, on Tuesday, November 1st,  I attended a meeting of the Native American Student Association.  James allowed me to speak to the group, with the POEM project the first item on the agenda.  We talked for quite a long time.  I remember James saying he was for the idea of a people’s museum but that the Native American community had its particular concerns, and that these might differ from tribe to tribe.  The building and site would have to be made sacred through ceremony and probably ritual. The place should also support the performing arts and especially indian dance.  It would have to be a place where the community could gather and identify with it.  We would have to reach out to specific Native American contemporary artists.  We would need to obtain some buy in from tribes outside Oregon, like those in Washington.  I asked for any student in the group who would be interested in working on the project to contact me and handed out my contact information to the group.  James added that perhaps the students could help getting the tribes to talk to one another, something he felt was not happening enough.  In any event, he felt a “Memorandum of Agreement” would have to be signed by all to guarantee that all tribal arts were equally respected and represented.
  2. I talked on the phone to David Harrelson, Department Manager, Tribal Historic Preservation Officer, Cultural Resources Department, The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde.  He disagreed with trying to get any agreement of this sort from the tribes.  He felt it was important to work with the Native American student associations at the U of O and LCC as my best chances for tribal support.  He pointed out that the Native American Student Association had members representing many of the tribes from across the nation.


More news as in comes in…..JR












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  1. malexisjordan says:

    Hi Jerry. Nice write up. His name is James Florendo. Miriam

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