DPLC considering platform item for POEM

“We received your resolution, and it should be considered by the Central Committee in either February or March. I don’t think this issue is contentious within the Party, and I expect it to pass unanimously.

I also expect that once the resolution is passed, Community Action Chair Ryan Moore will create a subcommittee to work on this issue and recommend that I appoint a Democrat of POEM’s choice to chair or co-chair the subcommittee.” — Chris

“…Hi Jerry,

Great write up in the R-G! Seeing it reminded me that I owe you an email. I’ve been giving a lot of thought to how the DPLC can most effectively support the art museum, but I’m open to feedback about how you would like to proceed.

I think the first step to having the DPLC officially support the proposal for the post office art museum is to submit a resolution to the DPLC Platform Committee. I have CCed Platform Committee Chair Charlie Swanson on this email. Once the resolution is submitted, I expect it to pass without controversy; this could happen as soon as the February Central Committee meeting.

The second step is forming a work group or subcommittee to organize and advocate for the post office art museum. The logical place to house this work group is under the umbrella of our Community Action Committee. I have CCed Community Action Chair Ryan Moore on this email. Ryan can appoint someone to chair the work group, and I’m certain he would work with you to appoint someone who can work with your group (or even a member of the group, so long as they are a Democrat).

I think this is the most honest and comprehensive way to have DPLC advocate for the post office art museum. What do you think? — Chris”

Note: Anyone who is a registered democrat wanting to join our DPLC committee, please email me at pittore44@yahoo.com to join in.



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