DPLC Central Committee Approves Platform Item

The central committee unanimously approved the POEM resolution last night, without changes from what I sent you last. I have cc’ed Ryan Moore, with whom you should work to establish a subcommittee of Community Action.


(See below)

Meanwhile: heard an unsubstantiated rumor from Charly Swing., that Brian Obie has purchased the Post Office for “the arts”….????  Stay tuned.

POEM (Post Office to Eugene Museum) resolution


Whereas, the Eugene community lacks a permanent collection of local artwork; and

Whereas, the Jordan Shnitzer museum on campus is a state museum and its mission is not focused on regional artwork; and

Whereas, the Jacobs Gallery recently closed; and

Whereas, the local artist community has been advocating for a downtown art museum/center for many years; and

Whereas, a local art museum/center would uplift our community members, and our community as a whole both culturally and financially; and

Whereas, local community leaders are waiting for a show of local support (particularly financial support); and

Whereas, the Coos Art Museum provides a working model of a community sponsored art facility at a repurposed post office; and

Whereas, the downtown Eugene post office is a historic preservation site, with a Memorandum of Agreement that effectively makes its sale to a sale to a commercial entity nonviable; and

Whereas, the post office has plans to move to a more modern facility;


Therefore, the DPLC resolves that

Section 1: The DPLC empower a subcommittee of the community action committee to advance the transformation of the historic downtown Eugene post office into an art museum/center; and

Section 2: The DPLC will send a copy of this resolution to the Eugene City Council, the Springfield City Council, the Lane County Board of Commissioners, and to Rep. DeFazio and Sens. Merkley and Wyden.



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