New responses from Merkley staff…not good:


I can only speculate on the circumstances surrounding Senator Hatfield’s involvement in the creation of the Coos Art Museum and much has changed in government since then.  

Regardless of how Senator Hatfield may have influenced the process in Coos Bay, this office is not able to intervene or otherwise support your efforts at this time. As I’ve informed you, the Postal Service is not currently interested in selling, vacating, or leasing all or parts of the Eugene Post Office building. Although the idea of a local museum in Eugene is a good one, Senator Merkley is not going to champion an effort that would require the Post Office to move their operations or lease space that they are not interested in leasing.

Unless the agency’s position on the use of their building changes, there is nothing more that I can do to help you at this time.

I wish you the best.

Kaitlin Gaffney


Dear Kaitlin,

I am trying to get back in touch with you with a request: A letter of support from Senator Merkley on POEM’s efforts to transform the historic downtown post office in Eugene into a municipal art Museum.  Can we get one?

The DPLC is about to add its support via a platform resolution.  We need Senator Merkley to play a similar role as that played by the late Senator Mark Hatfield in Coos Bay when they transformed their almost identical Art Deco post office there into CAM, the Coos Art Museum.

Can you help us with this?


Jerry Ross




I’m sorry that I didn’t respond to your email sooner. I’m glad that you have been growing support for your vision. However, at this time the Postal Service has no plans to sell or lease the Eugene post office.

They do currently have a “For Lease” sign out front but I have been told by USPS that sign is old and they are currently working to have someone come and remove it. I have also been told that the upstairs offices are being used by USPS for meetings and trainings.

If I hear of any changes to the status of the building I’ll be sure to let you know.



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