POEM Rides Again

Recent efforts by “Our Revolution Lane County” to form a Committee on Jacobs Gallery and Post Office to Eugene Museum have rekindled our efforts to transform the downtown historic post office into a municipal (peoples) art museum,.  Stay tuned!! — Jerry Ross

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Meet Your New City of Eugene Art Museum

This may just be “vision building” right now, but I am working with Greg Herbert, the real estate agent for the post office and he has given me a floor plan and square feet break down of the facility (see below).

I am using this to show, if we can find an “angel” (more likely multiple “angels”) that shares our vision, how we can have a museum startup fairly quickly, especially since what we mainly need are empty rooms. The basement is also available (second diagram below):



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RE: Collaboration between Lane County Historical Society and POEM

We are best described as in a holding pattern concerning a new museum
location, torn between trying to improve our current location and the lure
of a new one. We do not currently have the financial resources to commit to
renting satellite space, such as you are suggesting.
The USPS has not been able to resolve its fiscal problems, so it is always
possible that the post office will again come on the market again and we
would have to cross that bridge when and if it happens.
I will , however, pass on your idea to our facilities committee chair for
possible discussion.

Bob Hart
Executive Director
Lane County Historical Society
(541) 682-4242

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Grant work:

We are in early stages of grant applications:

Thank you for submitting a Letter of Inquiry to the Hewlett Foundation’s Performing Arts Program on behalf of DOWNTOWN INITIATIVE FOR VISUAL THE ARTS INC. There is nothing further you need to do. Please be assured you will receive a response after review by a member or members of our program staff. Please note that we cannot respond to any phone or email inquiries.

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation”

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Another DIVA Board Member reports in:

“Hi Jerry,

I resigned from the DIVA Board effective March 4, and am not interested
in re-engaging. Best of luck!



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“Due to me being out of the country for an extended period of time for ministry work, I am resigning my position as Treasurer effective immediately.

Thank you — Synthia Polk”

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Last night I picked up the remnants of DIVA: five boxes of documents and a few zip disks with data. The hope is to possibly repurpose DIVA (Downtown Initiative for the Visual Arts) towards the Post Office to Eugene Museum project.

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